Our History

From right to left, Dr. Richard Goudie, Dr. Darlene Newnham, Lukas Goudie, who was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 14, and Grabrielle Goudie.

Our History

In 2016, 14-year-old Lukas Goudie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Rattled by this sudden change in everyday life, his parents were inspired to extend their support beyond their son and to the entire population of people affected by this disease. Darlene and Richard are both physicians in Barrie and although understanding the medical issues associated with Type 1 Diabetes they underestimated the daily, non-stop commitment and attention this condition demands. Families have to shoulder and share this responsibility when the diagnosed individual is a child or youth.

Come 2018, their passion for cycling and their desire to raise awareness/funds to improve the lives of youth living with T1D was combined and evolved into the Tour de T1D: Ontario’s only large scale outdoor cycling event associated with Type 1 Diabetes. After 4 years, over $110,000 has been raised, with countless sponsor’s and volunteers working endlessly to bring this fundraiser to life.

Looking into the future, the goal is to see this ride become a recognized annual T1D event that will draw riders, support, and awareness from all over Canada.

What Our Efforts Help Accomplish